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Company Overview

At Leier Consulting we have mastered the science and the art of effective communication. We are committed to meeting our clients’ needs as we transform ideas into reality. Contact us to see how we can help you on your next medical, scientific, educational, marketing, web design or IT consulting project


We provide services to allied health professionals needing assistance with slide decks, needs assessments, CME/CE preparation, patient education materials among other services.

Web Designing

We build fast and scalable websites using robust features. We focus on delivering high-class websites based on your specific business needs.


For researchers needing assistance with grant applications, abstract preparation, conference presentations or guidance with preparing laboratory protocols.

IT Consulting

We provide our clients with solutions that help them to address the technology challenges . We help you them meet their business objectives using technology.


Leier Consulting is committed to education. We can assist our clients with facilitating educational meetings, scientific writing seminars and writing reports thereafter. Reach out to us if there are other services that you may need us to assist your students with.


Need assistance with preparing marketing materials for healthcare or scientific products? We work with our clients to prepare promotional content that is effective.

Our Customer Commitment

We are constantly improving to meet our customers' needs




We offer a diverse portfolio of services and work with our clients to cater to their needs.



Areas of Expertise

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and we keep expanding our areas of expertise.

We have years of experience in medical, scientific communication and web development

Whether you need a scientific report or presentation prepared, need guidance with writing a grant application, need someone to take notes and facilitate an educational forum, or a second look at a manuscript for submission, Leier Consulting can assist.

Leier Consulting's website development experts make every effort to nurture and develop your ideas into tailored websites that help you enhance the productivity and visibility of your business.

We provide many services to our local and international clients (business or personal). Explore our service catalogue and find one that’s right for you or your organization.